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Straight Razors and Luxury Straight Razors - Elevate Your Shave

Straight Razor

Achieve the closest shave of your life with a traditional straight razor (a.k.a. the cut-throat razor, fixed-blade razor, or straight-edge razor.)  Straight razor shaving, the lost art of traditional wet shaving, is officially resurgent. Straight razor users will tell you shaving with a straight-edge razor is the single most effective shaving tool that can be used next to traditional safety razors

Straight Razor Shave

Reminiscent of a simpler time when the closest shave was only offered at a traditional barbershop, a place for congregation and conversation, the fragrance of shaving creams and soaps, a steaming hot towel, warm, rich, thick, luxurious lather, a leather strop for a sharp, edge, and a shaving brush. 

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Straight Razor FAQ

How To Buy Straight razor

Beginners can easily get to started with a straight razor kit. Grown Man Shave's selection of wet shaving straight razor kits are equipped with everything you need to start wet shaving today. We like the Naked Armor straight razor kit for beginners.

Pick you straight razor by looking through our designs and blade types. See this straight razor Beginners Guide for a deep dive into buying a straight razor.

There's no place better to buy a straight blade than Grownmanshave.com. We have the largest selection of straight razors of any online retailer and offer the best guarantees. We don't sell cheap razors and we test every style we sell.

What Brand straight razor do you recommend.

Thiers Issard have been making straight razor for centuries in France and make some of the best straight razors available today.

It's a fact that the German's make great straight razors and we love what they have to offer. Dovo & Boker are our go-to german brands.

Naked Armor is the new kid on the block and offers a great selection of entry level razors that are darn good. Also, check out their complete straight razor kits to start off your wet shaving journey.