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Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor

Grown Man Shave Wet Shaving and Grooming Products

PRICE: $41.95 to $64.95
HEAD TYPE: Closed-comb scalloped safety bar 3 Piece Design on all versions
BLADE GAP: .76 mm on all versions
WEIGHT: 66g to 70g/ 2.39 to 2.46 Ounces
LENGTH: 3.24-3.97 inches

ORIGIN: Sheffield, England
HANDLE MATERIAL: Solid brass with high-quality chrome plating and 23 Carat Gold
RAZOR HEAD MATERIAL: Diecast and hand-polished, chrome-plating, and Gold-plated

  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Length
  • Aggressiveness
  • Blade-Replacement
  • Shave-Quality
  • Affordability
Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor Review Summary:

The Sheffield native Edwin Jagger DE89 double edged razor was so influential when it came out in 2008, that lesser brands immediately created copycat double edge razors. Edwin Jagger upgraded the D89 several times after that, in 2010 and 2012 focusing on thread performance and improved design (you can't miss the telltale logo on either side of the handle). Today, it continues to punch well above its price tag by delivering a quality shave worthy of much more expensive razors.

The DE89 is a very popular safety razor  for a clean BBS shave and in no way shape or form the most aggressive razor available, quite the opposite! and that is why it swooned upon. Ask any wet shaving enthusiast and they will tell you you simply can’t go wrong with the Edwin Jagger De89 double edge razor it delivers a very close shave that is exquisitely comfortable and the Goldilocks of DE razors. The DE89 is a mild razor and not too aggressive, just right with little to no razor burn. The Edwin Jagger DE89 razors are mild to medium aggressiveness, perfect for the beginner wet shavers, less razor blade chatter reducing pulling and tugging to reduce skin irritation, delivers a closer shave, timeless style, 7 different finish styles, and handle lengths that max at $65, it's got a lot to love!

The closed comb scalloped head offers exacting precision and slices off facial hair with fewer strokes. The blade gap makes it hard to cut yourself when shaving, it is forgiving and efficient yet still delivers a silky, smooth shave – perfect for beginners or those of you with sensitive skin.

It’s easy on the eyes, with its high-quality chrome finish, a broad, ribbed handle, and a hand-polished chrome-plated head. It can last 5 years or more of regular use with proper maintenance. Is this safety razor worthy of the glorification razor collectors rave about? In this Edwin Jagger DE89 review, we will go over the anatomy of the DE89 series and test its strengths, weaknesses, and real-world performance.

Like Mick Jagger once said (completely unrelated) "you can't always get what you want but if you try sometime you will find you get what you need" And these Edwin Jagger safety razors are exactly what you need.

  • A well rounded smooth and a close shave
  • Compatible safety razor blades all standard DE razor blades
  • Mild to Medium aggressiveness- excellent for beginners and for sensitive skin
  • Elegant and timeless design
  • The Polished chrome is stunning and durable
  • The three-piece design is easy to clean and maintain
  • Affordable price point and value offering
  • Premium Sheffield steel materials and manufacturing tolerances
  • One Feather razor blade included 
  • Mechanical failures can occur due to improper maintenance
  • Cosmetic deterioration may occur if not dried and stored correctly
  • Handle not ideal for larger hands
  • The grip could be more robust; some shavers have noted slips when shaving in the shower
  • It may not be aggressive enough for very thick coarse facial hair to get a close shave 

Edwin jagger de89 review of their collection of DE89 Safety Razors


British brand Edwin Jagger is one of the best-rated brands in wet shaving and their Edwin Jagger DE89 is many guys' first experience with the trademark. Simply put, they have an artisan approach but are as affordable as many bespoke-produced brands.

Since launching in 1988 in Sheffield, England, the birthplace of stainless steel, they’ve taken the world by storm, creating gorgeous, enduring shaving instruments and wet shaving products honoring classic design but with the precision of modern technology. 

Soon after Edwin Jagger sold its first safety razors in 1988, it became known world-renowned for excellence in performance at a surprisingly polite and gentlemanly English price. It’s now cemented itself among the other great houses of men’s grooming - Thiers Issard, Merkur, Muhle, and Feather - Each known for its reliability and good taste. When holding an Edwin Jagger razor, you know you own a quality instrument.

Wet shavers really can’t go wrong with an Edwin Jagger safety razor its mild aggressiveness is oh-so-buttery smooth, well-balanced, and a great transition from a cartridge razor to the dapper world of traditional shaving.

Wet-Shaving Quality & Shaveability (Performance)

Edwin Jagger DE89 Wet-Shaving Quality & Shaveability

Shave quality and performance (aka shaveability) matched with affordability, is the main reason to purchase the Edwin Jagger DE89 lined chrome safety razor.

The precision, closeness of shave, and comfort of the DE89 are undeniable – you can tell these safety razors were put together by people who take great pride in their work – and it offers an excellent shaving experience.

Thanks to the 3-piece scalloped closed comb head design guiding your hair into the razor, you feel a smooth, effortless stroke every time. The safety bar is sturdy and forgiving; it doesn’t let the blade bite you so easily. The blade gap has an excellent sweet spot between the bar and the head maintaining the blade angle to cut gently without pulling and chattering.

Beginner's Tip: Use your brush and lather to map your face and keep track of your shaving direction.


This razor leans on the scale of a mild aggressiveness which makes the DE89 series great for experienced wet shavers as well as beginners. The safety bar is forgiving and we found that shaving with the head of the DE89 was making nicks and cuts a thing of the past. Smooth as silk and great for those with sensitive skin or shaving sensitive areas ( a note to new safety razor shavers: Since you haven't perfected the art of shaving with a safety razor yet you may cut yourself until you get the hang of it. Always have a styptic pencil handy and an alum block to cool the afterburn.

The DE89 series features a classic close comb head that neatly directs your facial hair to the razor, making the shave feel positively smooth. However, you still might want to use a shaving brush to perk your hair up and prepare it to be received by the blade.

Blade Gap

Edwin Jagger DE89 Agressiveness and Blade Gap

The blade gap of Edwin jagger DE89 safety razors is what puts the DE89 in the best shave category and why it is a preferred daily driver wet shavers and the perfect DE razor for beginners. All versions of the Jagger DE89 have a fixed .71mm blade gap from the razor's edge to the safety bar providing the perfect measure of blade gap for a very close shave and a generous "sweet spot" for getting the blade angle correct. A perfectly balanced shave with nimble aggressiveness and efficiency the Edwin Jagger DE89 produces a mild, luxurious comfortable shave: neither overly brutal nor too mild with divine forgiveness.


Edwin Jagger DE89 Handle Grip Variations

The Edwin Jagger DE89 handles like a fine English sports car, hugging curves and corners. With various knurlings to choose from such as the classic DE89 with a smooth chrome handle, The Edwin Jagger de89lbl with chromed lined handle, to the infallible grip of the Edwin Jagger DE89 black chrome 3d diamond whatever your preference is or where you shave the Jagger DE89 series has something for everyone. The only difference in all the variations is in the finish, style of knurling, and handle length. All of the Edwin Jagger razors offer good grip and an easy balance point for those who shave prefer to shave in the shower the chrome finish DE89 or lined version may not have the grip you will need to prevent slippage in wet conditions.

The DE89 Safety Razor comes in different finishes and handle lengths

Choosing the right safety razor with the DE89 series is quite simple, each one has the same head as the others with exact same closeness of shave and comfort level within the blade exposure and blade gap, scalloped safety bar and closed comb, balance point, and identical shaving performance. The only nuance between the variations in the style, the handle length, and grip. Everything from the top down so to speak. To help with your decision process start with your personal preference of shaving location, if you prefer shaving in the shower a smooth handle is not recommended go for a handle with extra grip if you have larger hands choose a longer handle length.DE89 Safety Razor comes in different finishes and handle lengths

Edwin Jagger DE89 is available in various different handles and handle lengths, our bestsellers are the most sought after in the wet shaving market:

  • The DE89BL (with the polished chrome handle)
  • The DE89LBL (with a lined knurled handle).

The most prominent differences between all the DE89 models are within handle design and grip the head design is the same.

Finishes (from standard to luxe)

Handle lengths (short to long)

Grip (smoothest to sturdiest)

The differences in the Edwin Jagger DE89 double edge safety razors are slight but they matter; in regards to preference, wet shaving experience and aggressiveness, control, and maneuverability.

Blade Replacement

Edwin Jagger DE89 Chrome DE Safety Razor (Closed Comb) Blade replacement

Here are a few alternatives on the mild side:

  • Derby Extra Green Or Extra Blue
  • Astra
  • Wilkinson Sword
  • Gillette 7 o'clock super platinum
  • Big Ben
  • Tiger Superior
  • BIC Chrome Platinum
  • Shark Super Stainless
  • Voskhod Teflon Coated
  • Personna Platinum

It’s easy to fall in love with replacing blades on the DE89. The razor cap top and base plate pops off and opens up like the buns of a hamburger, and new blade fits easily into place. To remove and replace used razor blades, simply give the handle a twist and the top and the base plate will become loose and release. Next, slide in your favorite DE blade and position them on the posts of the top plate of the razor cap then fasten the base plate and tighten the handle. Make sure you carefully hold both sides of the razor head to ensure equal blade exposure. Note: you will have to reset the position each time you swap out a blade for a cleaner and consistent shave always check that you have equal blade exposure before you begin shaving to avoid edge misalignment, correct the alignment as needed.

As with any safety, especially the Edwin Jagger DE89 don’t tighten the razor head too much when putting it back together, as this can wear out the screw thread that connects the razor head to the handle (through the base plate) often this area can be a weak point in the design so use a light touch if something is going to go wrong with the razor, this is the likely culprit.


For $40 to $65 depending on your preference of finish and knurling choices, you will get the performance, looks, and brand name quality that Edwin Jagger is famous for. You will love how the DE89 shaves It truly is one of the best safety razors wet shavers can buy for the price.


Style and elegance of the Edwin Jagger Safety Razors

There’s an undeniable elegance to all Edwin Jagger safety razors, especially with the De89 and one most beautiful chrome plating finishes you can buy. From chrome plating to 23 Carat Gold plating, to a classic lined handle, black chrome 3d diamond handles, polished chrome razor heads, the brand name embossed into the handle. This double edge safety razor is just the ticket if you’re looking for a timeless classic design.

Material Quality

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is built with solid bones: polished chrome-plated brass manufactured to high-quality standards and manufacturing tolerances.

The polished chrome with proper maintenance is easy to keep clean and free of corrosion. It has a nice, sleek sheen to it and you don’t have to worry about rust as long as you don’t leave the razor in a pool of water (The chrome finish will deteriorate if kept constantly wet).

The underlying brass offers quite a few benefits as well. It’s antimicrobial, so it keeps your razor sterile and from becoming infested with bacteria as well as adding weight and balance for handling. And while brass can tarnish, is also resistant to rust- a reason brass is used to make navigational instruments often found on boats.


Unlike most safety razors the DE89 is completely modular, care and maintenance is a breeze, because of its modular design you can reach those areas that you cannot with most safety razors this helps preserve the razor in tip-top condition for a very long time. To get the smoothest shave from your Edwin safety razor, you should always take proper care of it. For most users, this is common sense. Keep it dry after use, rinse it clean from any shaving soap or shaving cream and store the razor away from moisture. It's a good idea to use a stand or case to keep the razor in good condition when not in use.

Who Should Use The Edwin Jagger DE89? 

The Jagger DE89 is a great safety razor for just about any wet shaver. People with mildly thick, average, or light-textured hair will find the head just right for trimming hair without ripping up the skin.

Beginner wet shavers will love how easy it is to learn the wet shaving technique with the DE89.  That said, this safety razor isn’t only a “beginner” razor. The web is full of rave reviews on how much people adore the shaveability of the Edwin Jagger DE89 its famous for a close shave and adequate protection from nicks and cuts and is good-looking enough to appeal to enthusiasts as much as novices.


Who Should Avoid the DE89 Safety Razor?

This DE safety razor is well worshiped by 99% of the people who use it. However, some men with large hands have found the handle of some of the offerings is a bit too small and weighted towards the blade so if you have larger hands we recommend the Chrome Lined longer handle model. Similarly, guys with dense fair hair and coarse beards may find the safety bar too mild, which can make your shave feel more like a hack job so if mild mitch isn't your cowboy name you should read about the Muhle R41 that we previously reviewed or try using a fresh really sharp blade such as Kai blades, Feather Blades, or Merkur De razor blades.


Other Safety Razors Similar to Edwin JaggerDE89 Safety Razors


Muhle R89 

The Muhle R89 is just as popular as the Edwin Jagger De89, but with a slightly longer handle (4.21 inches vs 3.24 or even 3.66 for the long-handled version). Many users have found the head of the Muhle R89 is a carbon copy of the De89, but both manufacturers refute this claim. Both provide a moderately aggressive shave.

 Merkur 23C

Merkur 23C

This is also a popular alternative about a half-inch longer. It also has an excellent grip, opting for a more grippy diamond-knurled handle. 

If You Are Looking for an Upgrade...


Muhle R41GS

The Muhle R41GS is dade for more experienced shavers slightly heavier and a little more aggressive razor with a large gripping handle and open tooth comb allowing for various techniques. Guys with thicker hair or larger hands might prefer the R41 to the DE89.


Rex Ambassador

The Rex Ambassador is still in the family of adjustable razors. Heavier and made out of Stainless Steel, advanced shavers may want to consider this model which allows users to adjust the aggressiveness of the shave by changing the blade gap settings.


Feather AS-DS2

The Feather AS-DS2 is a premium quality stainless steel razor with a Japanese design known for its precision and mild shave — ideal for guys with sensitive skin. It's a little heavier than the DE89 with a slightly more effective blade angle.


Is The Edwin Jagger DE89 A Good Razor?

In no uncertain terms: Absolutely and emphatically the answer is Yes! 

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a very popular safety razor and for good reason. We put this safety razor through some rigorous tests among the most discerning wet shaving enthusiasts and the feedback as mentioned earlier came up nothing but aces. It has a good weight, is suitable for most men, has a handle length that fits most hands, and gives most men who use it a comfortable shave and a great value to price point offerings for all of the variations. The few complaints many shavers have more to do with the grip, but with so many variations you can easily circumvent any issues. It's not an aggressive razor, but it provides an incredibly close shave. You won't necessarily need shaving brushes to get a great shave but a great razor helps!

Overall, it's a fantastic safety razor for a super close mild shave