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Muhle R41 Safety Razor


PRICE: $44.00
HEAD TYPE: Three-piece hybrid open comb design scalloped
BLADE GAP: .023mm
WEIGHT: 64 grams / 2.25 ounces
LENGTH:  3.7 inches / 94mm

ORIGIN: Made in Stutzengrun, Germany
HANDLE MATERIAL: Chrome-plated metal
RAZOR HEAD MATERIAL: Chrome-plated metal

  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Length
  • Aggressiveness
  • Blade-Replacement
  • Shave-Quality
  • Affordability
Muhle R41 Safety Razor Review Summary:

The Mühle R41 double edged safety razor  with a traditional open comb design  is an extraordinary piece of wet shaving equipment made for pros with thick hair. The R41 is a beautiful razor that stands out as one of the most aggressive men's old fashioned razor you can shave with a de blade that isn't a straight razor. Higher on the aggressiveness scale... It's nicknamed "The Beast" after all. 

You might also call it the ‘whisker slayer’ or the ‘beardenator’ for its super aggressive performance and closeness of shave on a single pass compared to other razors. Smooth as a baby bottom!

The Mühle R41 is a great safety a favorite double sided razor in my collection to tame heavier beard growth. The R41 is the nemesis of thick coarse beards, and stubble. But, it is not a first safety razor for entry-level wet shavers as it commands a focused delicate approach, short strokes and the right technique to wield the full power of this serial shaver. 

The blade is exposed at an aggressive blade angle, between beautiful designed scalloped open comb design safety bar.

Anyimproper technique, lack of respect or too much pressure will leave you tattered and burned. The R41 does requires a light touch and a bit of a different technique than most razors. Typically you want to shave at around 45 degrees to your face and the R41 is suggested to be used at around 30 degrees a much stepper angle meaning if you don't know how to control your safety razor like a master swordsmith you should steer clear of this bad boy; unsure hands will bleed for sure. 

Take heed of being sharp de shaving enthusiasts, the Muhle r41 means business, and paired with the right razor blade it will efficiently offer the perfect shave quality you have ever experienced in a single pass.

You can always tell you are staring the beast in the eyes when you recognize the scales on the handle of the R41, a sleek, knurled, wave-like pattern like a mythical dragon, a regal and modern style that sets this razor apart.

With great power comes great responsibility and with so much aggressiveness in 2013, Muhle tamed the beast with a redesigned open comb safety bar to make it less aggressive, and yet, it is still a safety razor to be reckoned with. There are three other R41 variations available for the R41 with the same aggressive open comb design and blade exposure. The head is the same on all three the only significant difference is the handle length and knurling. The R41 beast comes in at 94 mm which is shorter and lighter than the Grande version (107 mm) none the less it's still a beast.

Those who swear by this razor, men with the most mangled maze of facial locks, men with thicker hair, men who may have secretly Googled the word 'machete' in their hunt for a very close shave, these men alone love its decisiveness, clearing the path to the el Dorado of your gorgeous face in under three strokes.

For those with sensitive skin who want a more mild shave but still need to tame the beast steer clear from very sharp blades Pop in a softer blade-like Astra blades, Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Razor Blades Derby, Kai, Shark, Personna, or Wilkinson sword. Heed the warning for reaching for Feather blades unless you have your shaving triage kit ready.

Expect to feel like a treasure hunter with a machete in the overgrown jungles of South America searching for the lost city of gold, with this double edge safety razor.


  • More aggressive shave
  • Fewer passes 1-2 pass shave capability
  • Extremely close shave
  • Unbeatable shave quality for thicker beard growth and thick hair
  • Sensitive-skin friendly
  • Hybrid open comb-scalloped safety bar design
  • Modern and sophisticated safety razor design
  • Extremely close shave comparable to a straight razor 
  • Requires superior skill and confidence
  • Aggressive razor could be too strong and lead to skin irritation
  • Not one of the best safety razors for beginners


Muhle r41 review

Why Shave with A Muhle Safety Razor?

Mühle shaving products are a 75-year-old family business that brings a close level of detail and a sense of stark funkiness to everything it does. Even though they are based in the far-flung Ore Mountains of Germany and rooted in generations of safety razor smithing tradition, they are remarkably cosmopolitan in taste. The combination means you get old-world quality with the design sensibilities of modern art.

The Muhle R41 is one of many models of Mühle safetyrazor. Muhle double edge razors are famous for their various wood-handle de razors, but you can find anything from jet black stainless steel double edge safety razors to an organic face wash that makes you smell like money.

Wet-Shaving Quality Shaveability

The excellent shave quality is the main reason so many people cozy up to The Beast. It can pass as a barber razor as it gives a closer shave than most safety razors probably one of the most closest shaves out there. No matter which model, the head is easy to maneuver which makes it easy to get the difficult angles under your nose and around your sideburns.

The blade is extremely exposed, a quality that results in the best shave so close even straight-razor shavers will see the light, but that can also spur serious gashes that everyone else will see in the light, too.

All the reviews for those thick, coarse hair say it gives them a great shave, one of the best shaves of their life without razor burn. Two passes and done, a perfect shave ! but if you don't need an aggressive shave, open combs razors can turn into a curse.

Lifestyle picture

It's hard to prove hyperbole but many in the wet-shaving community say this is the most aggressive safety razor you can use. The open comb razor and obvious edge exposure already tell you this razor is not here to mince words, just hair, but this aggressive safety razor is not unwieldy, and actually, those who learn the nuances of the Muhle R41 have a lot to gain from this very artful yet aggressive razor.

It's capable of mowing down the most stubborn hair in just a few passes and in doing so reduces tugging on the hair that causes irritation. Great for ultra-sensitive skin. If you use it right, it will cut your hair correctly. But if you don't, you'll soon learn why those in the shaving world call it The Beast.

Blade Gap

Edge exposure is a constant state in the world of the Muhle R41. Even though the blade gap on the 2013 model has been reduced, it is still one of the most aggressive you can find.

Even though it's an open comb safety razor, it has a scalloped safety bar, which helps ease the hair into all the right places when the razor is at work. And that means a very comfortable and close shave.

Expect to see plenty of naked blade peeping out from the safety razor head, so always handle it with care. There's not a lot of protection leaving the Mühle R41 plenty of freedom to follow its pursuits.


The Muhle R41 grip is moderate; existent but not always evident yet still has excellent grip. When you zero in on the pattern, you can see that the grooves are aerodynamic, smoother and mound-ier than a traditional diamond or cross-hatch pattern, which has raised, angular, grippy texture.

Combined with slippery shaving soap, the grip on this razor requires a steady, confident hand.


The Mühle r41 is a heavy razor and handles heavy, which isn't a good or bad thing but does affect your comfort and technique.

The handle is thick is one of the telltale signs of the Muhle R41 is its unique wave-like knurling.

It's moderately long (94mm), offering plenty to hold, good grip whether you have small or large hands, but some will want more to hold onto, especially considering the stakes. If you have bigger hands and want a different lengths or a longer handle, I suggest the Muhle R41 Twist and the R41 Grande both have the same length and will give you some extra handle room at 107 mm overall length.

The Twist and the R41 Grande Stainless Steel are the heaviest models; The Twist is the longest.

Blade Replacement

Blade exposure is a constant so always take care when replacing the razor.

The Muhle R41 is an open comb razor that has two different ways to load the blade depending on the model. The Muhle R41 Twist is a three-piece razor that twists off from a knob at the bottom. The Traditional and Grande models, take a little more skill, twisting off from the top.

Before blade replacement, we suggest encasing the head safely in a towel; remember the open comb blade hunts you like a predator.


The Traditional Mühle R41 costs $44, not much more than a disposable razor and some cartridges, which is a little insane considering you get so much more out of the Muhle. The craftsmanship of Muhle, the beautiful attention to detail such as the engraving at the base of the handle, the nimble design of the head, and the unique open comb razors head, make this item worth much more than the price of admission.

Consider the line fully, since other models cost more. $56 for the Grande Chrome, $60 for the R41 Twist, and $158 for the R41 Grande Stainless Steel, on account of the durability of the material.


The Muhle R41 is a beast from within. On the outside, however, it is at once groovy, with a funky wave-patterned handle, and gentlemanly, with a sophisticated, understated, implementation. It harkens back to classic razors with a fully knurled handle, but its slightly left-of-center pattern lets it be known this beastly razor marches to the beat of its own drum.

If you're feeling a little 007-of-center, check out the Muhle R41 Black.

Material Quality

No matter which model you get, you're getting Muhle's time-tested quality.

Traditional, Grande Chrome, and Black are made with chrome-plated metal, strong and corrosion-resistant, but potentially chipped if dropped. The Grande is made with rust-resistant Stainless Steel, a material that doesn't crack.


Always thoroughly clean your razor with water and dry it, even going so far as to dab some oil on the blade to keep it protected, then store it away from moisture.

Each model is made to withstand the trials and tribulations of your bathroom, but some more than others. R41s plated in chrome are protected from oxidation, but they can chip if not cared for properly. Stainless steel can withstand both rust and you being a klutz.

We also recommend taking it easy on tightening the knobs. Don't overdo it or all you'll end up doing undermining the strength of the small parts.

Who Should use the Muhle R41?

If you have thick, coarse facial hair and intuitive control of safety razors, you won't get a closer shave than with the Muhle R41 safety razor next to a straight razor. Because the R41 has higher blade exposure than most, take caution when pairing it with an extremely sharp blade to avoid razor burn and irritation. If you are already experienced with wet shaving with a safety razor and have mastered advanced techniques and know how to wield the double edge sword then the R41 will deliver for you some serious power that you might be looking for and make you a lifelong fan.

Who Should Avoid the Muhle R41 Safety Razor?

The Muhle R41 de razor is an aggressive and unforgiving razor. It's not the one you should be learning on if your new to traditional shaving, because of the  learning curve.

If you're new to shaving and have an aggressive beard want a close shave more than a close call, bookmark this one for down the line it definitely isn't a first safety razor. The best safety razor for beginners are closed comb mildly aggressive or aggressive paired with a softer blade such as Astra double edge razor blades. The trick here is to tone done the aggressiveness with a razor blade that isn't laser sharp such as a Feather blade.

Alternate Versions

The R41 comes in 3 very different versions, the Traditional, Twist, and Grande, all defined by the head type, handle length, and material.

Muhle R41 Traditional Black

R41 Traditional Black

The same as the Muhle R41 Traditional, but dressed up for special occasions.


R41 Grande Large Handle Chrome

Take the Traditional, make it longer 107 mm and heavier, and you have the Grande. If you like having a little more length in your hand and have big hands, the Grande is a great addition.

R41GS Grande Stainless Steel Open Comb safety razor

R41GS Grande Stainless Steel Safety Razor Open Comb

Stainless steel is synonymous with quality. It feels great in your hands, it doesn't rust, it won't chip, and it doesn't talk back...until Whiskey #4.

R41 TWIST Chrome Safety Razor Open Comb

R41 TWIST Chrome Open Comb Safety Razor

The Twist is just as good as the Traditional and Grande, and because it is a little easier to pop the head open, marks a slight upgrade from the original. A side effect of the design improvement is that the handle is also just as long as both Grande models.


Other Safety Razors Similar to the Mühle R41

Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Slant

Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Slant razor

The Merkur 37C, like the R41, is an expert-level razor for thick, coarse hair but it is a hair less aggressive with more pronounced knurling on the handle.. is about a half-inch shorter, with a more rotund handle, and a little more extra weight.

Merkur Futur safety razor finishes

Merkur Futur 

The Futur is a beautiful, fashion-forward tool that sets the standard for adjustable safety razors, and you can do a lot of damage with its highest setting. But like all adjustable razors, it works a lot better when you have a good amount of wet shaving experience under your wing. It comes in a standard brass body either polished chrome-plated or rose gold-plated.

 Read the full review here.

If You Are Looking for Double Edge Razor Upgrade...


Rex Supply Co Ambassador Finishes

Rex Supply Co. Ambassador

The highest setting on this adjustable razor is infamous for its sharpness, rivaling the Muhle R41. But with the Ambassador, you get 6 settings in total, allowing you to adjust the aggressiveness depending on the length and location of your hair. It comes in stainless steel or drool-worthy gold-plated stainless steel.

Is the Mühle R41 A Good Double Edge Safety Razor?

The verdict of our R41 review...

Yes, but only if your name and the word Sasquatch have ever been used in the same sentence. The Muhle R41 is a great razor but it is only for the facial hairiest among us. It's a pro razor for whacking unruly hair. It has more blade exposure than almost any other razor on the market, so much so it has even been compared to some straight razors.

If you're new to wet shaving and have a super thick beard, the Muhle R41 is a destination on your shaving journey, but not the starting point. Slay on my fellow shaving warriors the r41 should definitively be a staple in your armory, your weapon of mass facial hair destruction.