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Mühle Companion Unisex Safety Razor


PRICE: $48.00
HEAD TYPE: 2-Piece, Closed Comb
WEIGHT: 62g / 2.2 ounces
LENGTH: 4.41 inches 112mm

ORIGIN: Made in Stutzengrun, Germany
HANDLE MATERIAL: Metal Satin Chrome Finish
RAZOR HEAD MATERIAL: Metal Satin Chrome Finish

  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Length
  • Aggressiveness
  • Blade-Replacement
  • Shave-Quality
  • Affordability
Mühle Companion Unisex Safety Razor Review Summary:

The Muhle companion safety razor seeks to break all barriers when it comes to the market of DE shaving. In a world of classic double edge safety razors designed and marketed to mostly grown men, the new companion is the first safety razor designed to be exclusively unisex with a contemporary yet timeless design, an efficient razor head, and a closed comb design.

Diverse and purposeful the Mühle companion unisex safety razor is flawless for shaving your head, shaving legs, arms, underarms, and the most discreet areas. The slightly longer handle of the companion unisex double edge razor offers extra control when shaving even the most sensitive areas enhanced by the extra grip in the fingerprint design of the handle. While on the mild side, the companion provides a smooth shave yet gentle and efficient enough to be enjoyed by beginners and experienced traditional shavers alike.

Made in Germany, to the highest manufacturing tolerances the companion safety razor is as gentle as a lamb unlike any other. With a fingerprint-designed grip, a gentle adjusted blade angle, and minimal blade exposure, elevated by exceptional protection and defense against nicks and cuts the companion features rails and protective flaps that guard the blunt ends of the blade against scratching and extra chatter. There is very little blade feel while using the razor (is that really a bad thing though?), but it is efficient enough to provide a close shave. To personalize your wet shaving experience, the companion unisex safety razor is accented by a fully customizable functional cord hook available in 4 colors that can be easily replaced or color designated to the user.

Undoubtedly the new companion safety razor delivers a smooth yet gentle shave while being completely earth-friendly and sustainable.

  • Slim head design
  • Gentle and effortless shave
  • Lightweight & Maneuverable
  • Textured handle for extra grip while shaving in the shower
  • Long, slimmer handle
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight and balanced weight distribution
  • Sensitive-skin friendly
  • Close and comfortable smooth shave
  • Compatible with all standard double edge blades
  • Slim handle might not suit larger hands
  • Chord hook might distract some while De Shaving but can be removed


mühle companion unisex unisex double edged razor design

Why Shave With A Muhle Companion Unisex Double Edged Razor?

There are many reasons to shave with a unisex model razor. One is that it is a wonderful type of razor to use if you are transitioning from the world of cartridge razors and canned foam to the world of safety razors, artisanal soaps, and shaving brushes.

Since it was designed for the body and face using a unisex razor is not going to have a lot of blade feel which can be a good or bad characteristic. The reason that I find that it is a good trait is that blade feel can seem a little harsh and can be a turn-off to many. Unisex razors are also pretty forgiving, making shaving and finding the ideal angle of the blade easy even if too much pressure is used and if the angle isn't always perfect.

The longer handle found in most unisex DE razors is essential for shaving the legs, heads, and legs and the low profile of the head minimizes any cuts and nicks when shaving under the arms. Another great feature is that the blade tabs are completely covered, providing greater safety.

mühle companion unisex safety razor

Wet-Shaving Quality and Shaveability

Shave quality (aka shaveability) and build quality is what make Mühle companion unisex safety razor one of the most contemporary and most popular safety razors available and a truly customizable and personal DE shaving experience. A smooth yet gentle shave. The companion features a slim head and textured handle that provides additional grip for shaving in the shower, a longer handle and balance for maneuverability, and a razor head design with protective flaps to prevent nicks, and cuts designed for those difficult contours and tough to shave areas.

The Muhle Companion unisex safety razor excels at shaving sensitive areas such as wet shaving your head with a safety razor, shaving legs, or sensitive skin because of the smooth yet gentle shave emphasized by its dexterity, affordability, and shave quality are the main factors to purchase the Mühle companion unisex safety razor.

mühle companion unisex safety razor head design


The Companion is a Mild shave and be conversely ramped up to a bit more aggressive into the territory of Mild medium depending on the safety razor blade you prefer or set to a tamed mild with a softer chrome and platinum lined blade. The mild aggressiveness is what makes it the ideal razor for beginners and wet shaving aficionados or for those with sensitive skin.

Blade Gap

The straight safety bar and the slim top plate allow the Mühle companion unisex safety razor to effortlessly glide. The blade exposure is fairly minimal with the Companion while the blade gap may seem a little on the large side, the geometry of the safety bar makes the gap and exposure of the blade almost a non-issue if not extremely minimal.

The companion razor has been produced in such a way that it is easy to find the finely adjusted blade angle for that optimal shaving experience with the precision designed double rails. Designed as most unisex safety razors to be forgiving the Mühle companion is no different the rails on each side create more distance between the blade and the skin if the angle of the handle is smaller than 30 degrees or larger than 50. Meaning, that if the angle isn't perfect, or if a little too much pressure is used, you will still be rewarded with a comfortable shave. Of course, if too much pressure is used, it is still possible to nick yourself. You are using a very sharp razor blade after all.

Blade Exposure

As with the blade gap, blade exposure is set a minimum level. This along with the design of the safety bar combine to provide an extremely comfortable, smooth, and gentle shave. This DE razor also feels incredibly gentle, especially when compared to other de razors.

Of course, some blades do work better in this safety razor than others, so we suggest you experiment and find what works best for you. I personally have pretty thick facial hair and find blades that are on the sharper end of the spectrum (like Feather or the included Mühle blade to be a wonderful pairing).

Blade Longevity & Replacement

With a slim head design, one would think changing the blade would be a little difficult. That could not be further from the truth. Every time I've used the razor and taken a blade out post-shave, the moisture from the final rinse keeps the blade attached to the bottom plate. Now since the blade is fully exposed on the bottom plate and only being held by the suction provided by the water, a little extra care needs to be taken here. I generally recommend grabbing the blade near the center, but have the tabs pointing towards and away from my hand. This will minimize the chance of the blade slipping and biting into your hands. Blade longevity will vary greatly depending on the brand of blade used and the type of hair being cut. As a general rule of thumb, blades can be honed and sharpened however it's good practice to replace your razor blade after every three or five uses.

mühle companion unisex safety razor dimensions


The grip on the Companion features a fine design that resembles fingerprints. The texture on the handle is noticeable, but not overpowering. It helps keep a confident grip on the handle, even when the handle itself, or your fingers are wet or covered in soap.



The handle is thinner and longer than many modern traditional double-edge safety razors and why the companion is perfect for shaving legs, head, and underarms. This can either be good or bad, depending on personal preference. The handle is 105mm long, out of 112mm for the entire length of the razor. It is also fairly thin at 11.2mm in diameter. There is also an interchangeable chord hook poking out of the bottom of the handle. This can be used to hang the razor between shaves. If the cord hook isn't your thing, it can be removed as well.

Weight & Balance

The razor weighs 81g and the balance point is at the top of the fingerprint design on the handle, near the head, I find the balance and weight to work synergistically especially if I'm looking to shave sensitive hard-to-reach areas.


There is basically no other unisex safety razors available that offer this much quality and performance under $50. The Mühle Companion unisex safety razor is priced at $48.00, not much more than a disposable razor and some cartridges, which is a little insane considering you get so much more out of the Mühle. The craftsmanship of Mühle, the beautiful attention to detail such as the engraving at the base of the handle, the nimble design of the head, the unique head and handle design, and the ability to customize the color of the chord at the bottom really make the price of admission more than worth it.

 mühle companion unisex safety razor style


The Mühle Companion is sleek, and dare I say a sexy safety razor available in four different colorways all satin chrome, the only difference is the chord. The slim design on the head scream usability. The skinny textured longer handle and the fine design resembles fingerprints speak to the diversity for which this razor was designed and the chord at the end of the handle offers something unique not seen in any other razor that can be replaced easily.


Material Quality

When it comes to German engineering expect nothing but the best Mühle is known for making quality gear, and the Companion is no exception. The handle is stainless steel, while the head is zinc alloy. While the head is durable, a little extra care should be made so as not to drop it onto any hard surface from height, as zinc alloy razors can become damaged if mishandled.


Always thoroughly clean your razor with water and let it dry. I always remove the razor blade and leave the razor disassembled on a towel to fully dry for at least 24 hours before reassembling and storing. The Companion is made to withstand any normal use your shave needs can throw at it and will last many, many years with proper care.

I also recommend taking it easy on tightening the knobs. Don't overdo it or all you'll end up doing undermining the strength of the small parts.

Who Should Use The Muhle Companion Razor?

In my humble opinion, everyone would benefit from using this safety razor. The Muhle Companion unisex safety razor is mild and forgiving for those new to wet, and yet efficient enough for those who are seasoned wet shavers. The slimmer head is wonderful for getting under the nose, under the arms, or shaving your head, it is my go-to kit. The added security of having the blade tabs covered provides extra peace of mind in avoiding nicks and cuts. The longer handle with the fingerprint texture makes maneuvering and grip when shaving legs and heads effortless and blissful.

Who Should Avoid Using The Muhle Companion Razor?

If you are looking for a more aggressive tactile feel with the blade and bit more aggressive blade aggression and you prefer larger handles than there are other mild razors that might suit you better such as the Edwin Jagger DE89 or the Merkur 34c safety razor both are excellent choices in the same price point however expect less defense when shaving sensitive areas and have your styptic pencil and alum ready just in case...especially if your DE shaving areas best not mentioned in public.

Other Brands Of Safety Razors Similar to the Muhle Companion

Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Safety razor collection 

Edwin Jagger 3one6 Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 stainless steel comes in a wide variety of color ways from classic stainless steel to exotic colors such as orange, light blue and pink. The 3one6 has an anodized grooved aluminum handle and gets its namesake from the 316-grade type of stainless steel used for in the materials. Edwin Jagger then elevated the rails of the base plate to create a precise position for the blade to channel excess shaving lather away and which enables the razor to shave equally effectively with a large variety of shaving angles. The shaving angles works superbly in unison with the outer edges of the delicately ridged skin guards on the base plate to gently stretch facial skin producing a uniform shaving surface allowing a next to no blade feel, for superior shave-ability. Although a bit more aggressive on the mild to medium scale this razor is excellent for someone who is looking for a little more blade feel or aggression or with coarse hair.

Is the Muhle Companion Safety Razor One Of The Best Unisex Safety Razors Made?

I was pleasantly surprised by the Mühle Companion unisex safety razor and found writing this review helpful in discovering what makes the companion a truly unique de razor by design and function. I generally prefer razors that have more blade exposure and blade feel. However, it is hard to argue with the results of the Companion unisex safety razor when paired with the right blade (I really like the included blades from Mühle or Feather blades). I have been able to achieve effortlessly close shaves that are long-lasting on my face and head without fear of causing irritation from chasing the perfect shave.