Crypto Anarchists and Cypherpunks!

When the dollar collapses, no one’s going to have time to shave. Men are going to be out there foraging for their next meal, growing corn in abandoned parking lots, picking berries in the forests—shaggy beards covering their faces

Not you, though, fellow bitcoiner!  We saw what was coming and made sure we were covered!

But here’s the million-bitcoin question.

How will women know who the smart men are? The capable ones? Those who can be trusted in times of turmoil?


They’ll be sporting a smooth, handsome clean-shaven face and a smile of leisure.

Just like you.

Grown Man Shave not only accepts but loves your bitcoin. So go ahead and have a look at our handcrafted razors, made by family-owned companies in England, Germany and Japan to survive any kind of crisis, they even work off the grid.

When the time comes, you’ll thank us.