Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Grooved Safety Razor (Pink)


    The Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 stainless steel Pink DE safety blade gets its namesake from the 316-grade type of stainless steel used in the advanced precision manufacturing techniques used to forge the Jagger 3one6 series. The 3one6 stainless steel in pink is an amazing razor. Sleek, clean, and has a fresh appearance unique to most safety razors which makes the 3one6 a beautiful addition to any safety razor collection. An exemplary choice for wet shaving implements.

    What differentiates this premium stainless steel razor apart from the others is the unique manufacturing process that results in zero evidence of the cutting and shaping tools used during the manufacturing method. The 3ONE6 Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor is a resilient and practical razor that strives for the smoothest premium shaving experience for years to come.

    Razor Head Famous in the world of safety razors for the iconic traditional DE89 series razor head, Edwin Jagger honors traditional safety razors with the use of new materials for the 3ONE6 with a radically new advanced head design. The two-part razor head design is the first generation of double edge safety razor heads to be produced in the UK entirely using metal injection molding (MIM). A completely new and innovative process unique to the 3ONE6 series. The MIM manufacturing process comprises the blending of pure metal powders with binding materials resulting in a first-rate quality razor. Edwin Jagger then elevated the rails of the base plate to create a precise position for the blade edge which enables the razor to shave equally effectively for a large variety of shaving angles allowing a next to no blade feel, for superior shave-ability.

    The handle collar and end-cap of the 3ONE6 are also given the same attention to detail. CNC production processed machined to fine a manufacturing tolerance for maximum precision and balance, and a bright appearance free of blemishes with an overall razor length that is 3.77 inches perfect for modest-sized hands and precision grip.

    Each element of the DE safety razor then goes through at least six different production processes and six individual inspection processes before the final packaging. The result is a flawless safety razor unequaled in design and execution.

    • Two-piece razor with an advanced head design
    • Lather slots to channel any excess shaving lather
    • Resilient and practical finish in Stainless steel and Pink
    • Fluting on the pink anodized aluminum handle ensures precision grip
    • The slimline form ensures an effortless shaving experience and a smooth shave
    • The quality of shave remains consistent for a large variety of shaving angles
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion and pitting
    • Minimal blade feel for a comfortable and premium shave an unrivaled close shave
    • Easy-to-use - equally effective from a variety of shaving angles
    • Includes a free pack of 5 Feather DE razor blades
    • Hand packaged in a presentation box made from recycled m


    Safety Bar: Closed Comb
    Aggressiveness: Mild-Medium
    Used with any standard double edge blades (DE) replacement blades


    Length: 3.77 inches (9.6 cm)
    Weight: 58 grams (2.0 ounces)
    Made in Sheffield, England


    Handle Material: 316-grade stainless steel 
    Razor Head Material: 316-grade stainless steel 

    *The Edwin Jagger razor works well with any standard double edge razor blades such as Astra Blades, Feather blade, or Merkur replacement blades

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